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Advertising is everything..

Perhaps your remember a little show called The Sopranos. Maybe you don’t, it was very underground. If you do happen to remember that indie darling, it might be time to start tuning into AMC’s Mad Men. Created by Matthew Weiner, a writer and producer of the smash-hit mob drama, Mad Men trades in the guns and lasagna for sharp suits and a never-ending fount of whiskey.

Named for Madison Avenue, Mad Men is all about how people sell themselves. At the advertising offices of Sterling and Cooper, Weiner’s characters struggle to sell their services to their clients and themselves to each other. Advertising, of course, is key. Leading man Jon Hamm plays Don Draper, a man who has sold himself so well that he has literally and figuratively, ceased to exist.

In fact, Don Draper died years ago in the Korean War and our protagonist has taken his name and identity and crafted himself a life of upper-class perfection. A truly brilliant advertiser, he has risen the ranks to become the most respected man in the company, and in fact, the entire advertising industry.

Everything old is new again…

Mad Men takes place in the early sixties, and follows a very carefully plotted timeline. The writers have been very careful to integrate a??ropriate references to real world events and products which happened during that time period. The first season is interwoven with much of the young Senator John Kennedy’s presidential race against Richard Nixon for the presidency, as the behind-the-times Sterling Cooper helps to create advertisements for Nixon.

What I find refreshing about Mad Men’s choice of time period is that it avoids the traps many fiction writers set for themselves. Set in neither the placid, post-war 50s nor the turbulent 70s, Mad Men has no easy outs when it tells a story about oppression and not obvious parallel to make when the world seems like it is burning. The 1960s were about transition, and the test of the main characters will be whether they can sell themselves in the new America that is still peacefully gestating, soon to be born into a wild, screaming infant.

Winning Hearts and Minds (and statues)

The big winner at this years Emmy Awards, Mad Men is the first basic-cable network program to win the award for best 2008. Alongside FX’s Damages, Mad Men is breaking new ground. With more and more channels available, it was only a matter of time before the programming on the cable networks would equal the output of broadcasters such as NBC and Fox.

Previously, pay stations such as HBO and Showtime were the only other players in the big leagues, their method of revenue providing for big budgets for their prestige shows. As television viewership begins to level out, cable stations are reaching an equilibrium with broadcast television. This is good for cable, and bad for broadcast- as viewership for dramas such as Mad Men and The Shield draw people to cable, they leave the broadcast stations with less bodies in the seats.

Watch or Die

The Mad Men train is just starting to get out of the station, and viewers would be wise to catch it while they can. The first season is available on DVD, and will be a quick catch-up for the second season, already in progress. Watch it Sunday nights on AMC at 10:00 pm.

Don’t be afraid to leave the big networks behind, they’ll be there when you come back. Right now, though, you have a job appointment on Madison Avenue.



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After months of waiting, season two of AMC’s The Walking Dead is finally here with last night’s premiere episode, “What Lies Ahead.” That sound you didn’t hear last night? The silence of millions of The Walking Dead fans sitting tense on the edge of their seats as they watched events unfold for Rick Grimes and his merry band of survivors.

The premiere for season two was definitely worth the wait. The episode picks up right where season one left off, with the survivors from the camp outside of Atlanta stopped on a highway as they flee the CDC. The theme of the episode seemed to be “In the zombie apocalypse, even the smallest snag can turn into a major, life-threatening problem that snowballs into certain death at a moment’s notice.” Intrigued? Then read on for a run-down of the episode’s highs and lows.


The best thing about “What Lies Ahead” is that it turned out to be one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead so far. The simplicity of its plot was its strength. Basically, Rick & Co. stop on the interstate when Dale’s RV breaks down, and while the group is fixing the RV and scavenging for supplies, a herd of walkers literally stumbles upon them. They’re forced to hide under cars until the walkers shuffle on, and it looks like their hasty plan to hide is working until one of the walkers spots Sophia and she runs into the woods to escape. Rick follows to protect her, but in the ?ourse of events loses Sophia. The rest of the episode revolves around the group searching for the missing 12-year-old.

Lost kid in the woods. In normal circumstances, that would call for an Amber Alert and an organized search party. But with zombies on the loose and who knows what else… the odds are against them and the situation is grim. See what I mean by small snags turning into humongous problems?

The highlights of the episode were the interactions between the characters. While there were plenty of bad-ass zombie kills (do not mess with Andrea when she’s holding a screwdriver), like most stories in The Walking Dead, the focus was undeniably on how the characters got along (or didn’t). One such interaction was between Andrea and Dale, when she forces him to man u? to the fact that he didn’t save her in the CDC, she saved him. He merely took away her choice of suicide instead of eventual death by zombie om-nomming. Another moment was when Daryl saved T-Dog (twice) from the walkers, first by stabbing one in the back of the skull with a crossbow bolt, and then by piling dead bodies on top of the wounded T-Dog so the zombies wouldn’t notice him. Gross? Yes. Effective? Extremely. It looks like Daryl is a much more forgiving and noble character than his brother Merle.

It wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without a few barf-inducing moments. Half the cast is made u? of the living dead, after all. The major gross-out moment was when Daryl and Rick gutted a fallen walker to examine the contents of its stomach for signs of Sophia. This scene goes beyond description. You have to watch it to understand. Then there were the creative zombie kills by Andrea (screwdriver to eye socket) and Rick (big-ass rock to skull). While in another TV show these moments might seem gratuitous (and out of place, unless I missed the fact that zombies are a regular occurrence on Desperate Housewives), in The Walking Dead they are absolutely essential. They’re meant to make the viewer consider two things: 1) How mu?h would it absolutely suck to live in a world where I had to bash people’s brains in with a rock on a regular basis, and 2) Could I do it?

The episode eased us back into the tension between Shane and Lori with only one short scene, which I think was a wise decision. Fans of the comic book know that the Shane/Lori/Rick plot is now deviating greatly from the source material (on account of Shane still being alive), but it would be a mistake to center all the drama on that triangle right away.

The final moment of the episode is one that ?ould make even someone who knows what’s coming from the comic books squirm. It’s painfully drawn out, entirely too peaceful and calm to not end in a horrible blood bath. But even knowing what is about to happen, it’s still shocking and painful to view.

On the whole, “What Lies Ahead” is a very solid start to the new season, and certainly an improvement over the last two episodes of season one. Tune in next week when we find out where the hell Sophia got to, who accidentally shot Carl, and whether or not these people can keep their kids out of trouble for five minutes.

We are the walking dead: Tune into AMC every Sunday night at 9pm for the latest episode of the little zombie show that could, The Walking Dead.



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Season 4 Breaking Bad Recap

As you all know by now, Walt is not the sweet, innocent guy he once was. In the season 4 finale of Breaking Bad. We find Walt responsible for poisoning Brock with the berries from his Lily of the Valley plant and blaming the event on Gus in order to get Jesse’s cooperation in killing him. We also know that Walt orchestrated Gus’ death using none other than Hector, (and his annoying little bell) b? rigging a bomb to Hector’s wheelchair and giving Gus a reason to visit the nursing home b? letting him think that Hector had spoken with Hank and the DEA.

I’ll never be able to shake the image of Gus walking out of Hector’s room after the blast, straightening his tie. As the camera pans to Gus’ front, we discover that Gus is indeed gravely injured, Half his face had been blown off in the bombing and he looks like he should be starring in an episode of The Walking Dead as a zombie, instead of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan has stated that Walt, Jesse and the rest of the cast won’t be back for a sixth season, whi?h means that Season 5 will be the end of the series. How ?an the? wrap up all the twists and turns of Breaking Bad in one season? I don’t know. I’ve read that AMC has ordered 16 episodes for next year (instead of the usual 13) after there was talk about the show moving to another network.

I’m going to make some predictions about next season. Take them with a grain of salt. As we know, anything can happen on Breaking Bad and usually does.

My Top 5 Breaking Bad Predictions (Feel free to add your predictions below)

1.) There are still loose ends to contend with on Breaking Bad. Mike is still in Mexico recovering from gunshot wounds and doesn’t know yet that Gus was killed. With Mike out of the bad guy business, he’ll have to get a real job to make ends meet. I see Mike going to work being the new grouchy manager of Los Pollos Hermanos and turning it into AMC’s first comedy spinoff series called, Mike.

2.) Hank is getting wa? too close to finding out that his brother in law is the one and only, Heisenberg. It’s time for Hank to either get killed, or to get on board in the family meth business. Think about what having an informant in the DEA ?ould do for business. I think it would be a good move to see Hank break bad. Knowing what he knows, he ?ould be the show’s greatest villain, yet!

3.) Marie gets caught outside of Kmart with a carriage full of DVD’s and clothing she shoplifted from the store. Hank gets disgusted and doesn’t save her this time, so she gets arrested and calls Skyler for help. Guess who gets her off on a technicality? Everyone’s favorite sleazebag attorney, Saul Goodman.

4.) I see Skyler and Saul having an affair. They are two people with no respect for each other, so them dating on the side would add a bit of comic relief and drama at the same time. Saul won’t survive the end of the season,.. I see him being assassinated in a motel room with Skyler. Not by Walt, but b? Walter Jr., who uses a gun he steals from his uncle Hank.

5.) How will the series end? Walt’s cancer returns, onl? to kill him rapidly. I also see Jesse being assassinated, but I’m not sure who does it. It’s Breaking Bad. It won’t end happy, but it will be a ride we’ll never forget. That mu?h is certain.

What do ?ou see for the future of Breaking Bad?



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Gentlemen and ladies of AMC,


I’ve seen you advertisements of the up-coming shows on AMC and to the point, they are depressing.  They might have some entertaining value, but that is not what the season is about.  You know what I mean.


How about something around the hope, courage, and sacrifice?  How about something concerning the reason for the season, Jesus ?





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Have you guy’s completely run out of movies your line up really leaves alot to be desired. Running the same movie one time after another. And Classics I dont think you get the meaning of classic that mean’s movies that have been around for awhile and that people have actually heard of not this B rated stuff ( I think) you have been showing.    Signed  Former viewer



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Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

Everyone talks about being more energy efficient and how helpful it is for the environment. Save our trees! Clean up pollution! I think that preserving our environment is a worthwhile endeavor, I really do. But more importantly for me, energy efficiency is about saving money. Here in New York, the cost of living keeps going up but my paycheck does not. I need to find a way to trim the fat on some of my bills. There are many things you can do around the house to save money that don’t cost much. Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs is one easy way. You don’t have to do them all at once; just replace each old bulb that burns out with a compact fluorescent one. Also, you should insulate your windows. If you don’t have double-paned windows, put up plastic. Speaking of windows, use your blinds and curtains wisely. Open them during the day to let the sun (and its warmth) in. Close them at night to keep the heat in. Once I take care of a few of these easy ideas, I plan to search online for New York energy rates to see if I can make any further adjustments to my budget.



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Season 2 of the AMC series The Walking Dead begins on Sunday October 16, and I can’t wait. The show’s creator Frank Darabont succeeded in bringing zombies from the big screen to weekly television with his first season of The Walking Dead. AMC made a great choice on signing this show up and keeping it going after the first season. The first suspenseful episode had us follow Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, as he wakes up in the hospital, after a gun shot wound. Rick walks through the hospital, wondering where everyone is. He goes outside to find that the dead are walking.

In season 1 you’ll remember that at the very end of the final episode the CDC building was destroyed and the survivors drove away. I’m still wondering here were they are going? That’s where the new season will likely start off. I think it is likely that new characters will be introduced. In season 1 we saw the reuniting of a family, with Rick Grimes finding that his wife and child were still alive. But the wife had moved on. I am anxious to see if the tensions will rise in this threesome. It’s a definite that Rick and Lori Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies, will make it through season 2, but survival is up in the air for the rest of the cast. The only way to find out who survives and if there are even more survivors out there is to watch the show. I won’t miss an episode of this edge of your seat thriller.



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It’s rare for television shows to take constant strides forward season after season. Yet, Breaking Bad has taken gigantic leaps and bounds forward with each and every episode.

Now in its fourth season, Breaking Bad is the very definition of “must see television.” This season has been a slow burn. While the first few episodes were great, they were mainly used to help set up the rest of the season. Now, as of this writing, the tenth episode has aired and the latest may have been one of the best episodes the series has ever produced.

After a major blowout between Jesse and Walter, and with a few episodes left in this season, it will be interesting to see what will happen. Will Jesse deal the lethal blow to Gus like Walter wants? Will Walter crack and just go after Gus himself?

Personally, I feel that Jesse will stand by Gus’s side. Throughout this season, Gus has built Jesse’s confidence. In the past Jesse has killed for Walter, yet all Walter has done is lead him down a path of destruction. Jesse has proven to Gus that he can produce Walter’s formula and that Walter’s services aren’t needed anymore.

These final few episodes of this season of Breaking Bad will be something you definitely do not want to miss. All of this will build towards next season, the final season. I’m not sure where exactly Breaking Bad will lead, but I feel that tough times are ahead for Walter White.

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Hi…My name is Foxy Bonner and I live in Spokane, Washington. I have been unable to find anything about this years season (#5)of Mad Men. All that is available is on demand is the old seasons. Nothing is mentioned on daily viewing either. Did this series get cancelled? Or is it that programming in my area will not longer carry it? I do not understand how it works. I loved this series, especially when it was available so quickly on demand. Also what about the Rubicon series. Is that coming back? I hope so! Please let me know.
A great fan of both

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Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My friend has always been big into wrestling. Well, actually it’s not called “wrestling”. It is more like an extreme martial arts type of fighting. There is an entire league and all fights are televised. I watched it one time and spent most of the time trying to figure out what was happening. In my confusion, I actually began to enjoy it. I know this is bizarre and totally uncharacteristic of me, but at the same time it is fascinating the skills these men have. So, out of my curiosity I went to to get the schedule and see if I received the channel. I watched a few matches alone and was starting to get a gasp on the rules and challenges of this sport. I have been excited about a new sport to watch and excited about my enthusiasm towards it. After getting a relatively good grasp on the sport, I called my friend over to watch the big match. He was thrilled to come and share in my excitement. To be honest, I was getting more into this than football. Was it possible? Had I found a sport I loved more than football? It is certainly starting to look that way!