To Many Commercials

Posted by : Screamineagle745 | On : August 28, 2010

There are way! to many commercials!
its crazy

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  1. Richard said on 08-05-2016

    Way too many commercials!!….Real turn off …rather rent

  2. BK said on 29-09-2013

    What the up with the commercials on breaking bad ???,

  3. no more commercials said on 31-08-2013

    Yep..I’ve just watched my last movie on amc..I timed it at 4 minutes commercial and 8 minutes of movie..ridiculous..after Breaking Bad finishes I’m deleting your channel..absolute rubbish besides that one show

  4. Cynthia Smith said on 09-01-2011

    Please let me know the name of a movie aired on AMC. The movie began with the flood and Noah’s ark, continued with the story of the tower of bable, and on to Abraham. Please let me know the name of the movie and how I can purchase it from AMC.

    It aired after the Ten Commandments a few years ago. Any help will be appreciated.

    Please reply.


  5. Steve Panczak said on 01-01-2011

    I would like to complain to you also about your commercials. I used to watch AMC all the time and I remember when you only showed commercials in between movies. Now you you can’t even go 8 minutes without showing a ton of commercials. I don’t think you even realize that you are ruining many go shows.It’s really pathetic when you show the 3 Stooges and cannot even show one of their shorts all the way thru without interrupting it twice with commercials. All I can say is I think your programming STINKS! I do not watch AMC anymore because of your commercials. I wonder if you people ever watch your own channel. I also do not think that you even know what your doing. A 2 year old could a better job than you people do without even trying. I do know that whoever is in charge of AMC and its programming do not play golf because they don’t know their ass from a fucking hole in the ground! Quit ruining good movies and get a fucking real job!

  6. Fed Up in Texas said on 06-09-2010

    Not only do you have too many commercials, but I just saw the latest and greatest from AXE (ball cleaning) this morning (9/6/10). That is one of the dirtiest commercials I have seen in a while. How soon can you remove it? I will be writing the owner company of the commerical also. I am appalled that you would show such a commercial on a weekday morning when no telling how many children may also see the television–although they should not be watching “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” either. I did not like nor appreciate the commercial and will be wondering whether to continue watching anything on your channel. Please consider the morals of the country when you air such junk–even as commercial material.

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