Story Notes suck!

Posted by : mrslamplady | On : June 28, 2011

I used to be a great fan of American Movie Classics channel.


You have destroyed these great movie classics with your idiotic “Story Notes”.

It distracts from these great movies. Disrupts the whole movie.

I will no longer watch your channel until this crape stops.

Nice going, you ruined a very good thing.

Story Notes suck!

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  1. Michael J. Woo said on 27-08-2016

    I agree with guy whos called the other guy a moron. I loves these story notes on these classic movies.I was wondering when are they coming back with them again?

  2. Greg VA said on 28-05-2015

    I realize this was almost a year ago, but – what a bunch of crotchety complainers! I am pretty sure that every time I have seen a movie with story notes featured there is an additional showing – either later or another night that is the “clean” version. To the person who “cancelled” the channel because of it – LOL! It’s not typically in a tier, but part of expanded basic.

  3. Kathy said on 25-05-2015

    I love story notes–they make a movie I have seen many times even more interesting! Thank you AMC

  4. James said on 23-05-2015

    Awful!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf is going on with these stupid things?!?!?!?!?

  5. TangoJames977 said on 07-11-2014

    They really do suck, hate them and just cancelled the channel because of these and the banner adds.

  6. BEN said on 10-07-2014

    I enjoy them, but they do tend to be distracting from the movie. And it is hard to catch them, they go by too quickly … expecially if I am caught up in the movie itself. It would be nice if there was a way to have them so you have time to read them without being distracted from the movie. They are interesing tidbits of trivia.

  7. Chuck Pitman said on 13-06-2014

    Until story notes are history. I hate them.

  8. Chuck Pitman said on 13-06-2014

    I won’t watch this channel again story notes are history!

  9. janice sheppard said on 05-06-2014


    • dana said on 25-06-2014

      coming from a person who type’s in “CAPS” you and your family probably learn alot reading these stupid story notes, the only reason there doing it is so they can rerun the movie over and over and over and over, ps note there should be 10 more over’s, the reruns are getting ridiculous, rerun a movie 20+ times a month is insane all the movies out there and they have to play the same shit 5, 6 times a day.

  10. alyah said on 05-06-2014

    story notes are the best!! if you haven’t seen ghostbusters before, you shouldn’t bother turning on the tv. the notes are generally on classic movies that we’ve seen over and over. bring it down a notch, and change the channel if you’re that bothered.

  11. pasqualegoglia said on 30-05-2014

    Story notes give a small insight on the production of a film. If watching a movie for the first, it can be a distraction. What movie has AMC that most people haven’t seen several times. Just watched Matrix with story notes and I enjoyed it. Of course, I have seen The Matrix so many times, I know the lines that will be spoken.

  12. Dennis said on 19-05-2014

    Dumb idea, no doubt concocted from the bright light that illuminates the moronic vacuum of the AMC marketing bozos.

  13. Diane Carey said on 20-03-2014

    I will not watch your channel because of the Story Notes. It is bad enough you have commercials! I can tape the movie then fast forward thru commercials. But story notes is a total disruption. AMC no longer exists for me. Diane

  14. Gegraphicalu said on 19-03-2014

    What are they thinking? Fiction is not like the stock market report. Remember film 101? Suspension of disbelief. Whoever thought of this should be reprimanded and reassigned.

  15. MOM said on 05-02-2014

    Story notes are awful. It is so distracting I had to stop watching. Make it an option if you must. Whose stupid idea was this.

  16. Marge said on 04-10-2013

    Unless the story notes provide some REAL interesting insight to movie fans (hint: not just “the snow is actually mashed potato flakes!) then they are a waste of screen space.

    • DJA said on 10-12-2013

      Funny that I recognize the potato flakes comment from Home Alone. If I’ve seen the movie before, I don’t mind the story notes.

  17. Eric Austin said on 23-04-2013

    Story notes is in the process of ruining a perfectly good movie “Man on Fire” for me as we speak. Are these the heinous pop up video people at it again? What is AMC thinking with this crap? What was wrong we these movies as they were? Leave me and these movies alone!

  18. Dan said on 07-03-2013

    Story notes sucks!!!! Ruins the movie.. probably a bunch of interns with nothing better to do!

  19. Johnathan said on 06-11-2012

    I’m with you, I’m trying to get through Mission to Mars, and the damn story notes keep blocking the movie. There’s a new one popping up every couple of minutes! Add to that the AMC HD water mark in the corner, and the constant banner adds for “Action Week” and the stupid, repetitive Walking Dead banner/ad blocking half the screen vertically on the left side, and there’s barely a movie to watch! Reminds me of Idiocracy where three-quarters of Frito’s big screen is ads.

    Anyone who’s going to watch Walking Dead, already knows when it’s on, and if not, the 2 commercials per commercial break would pretty much cover it. If it wasn’t for Walking Dead, I’d rather drop them completely.

  20. Brian Carter said on 13-08-2011

    You are a moron there is nothing wrong with story notes you barely even notice it unless you are looking for it I for one like it I watched donny brasco the other day with out it and I watched it with it and found it very interesting keep it up amc

    • Mike Scorp said on 18-07-2014

      Story notes are for people like you with ADD who couldn’t sit still through a movie otherwise.
      If I wanted to see this crap I’d watch the commentary track.

  21. david b said on 29-06-2011

    The story notes is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It’ stupid. The movie is ruined, because of the distraction. Who ever thought this up ia a moron. The comments on the notes is dumb.

    • atomwhales said on 29-07-2014

      I love the story notes n pop up facts! It’s like a sneak peek behind the scene! It’s also at the very bottom of the screen so YOU would have to be an idiot if it disrupted ur viewing of the movie! Plez keep showing us story notes n pop up info bc those of us tht can do 2 things at one time love them!!!

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