You must be joking…

Posted by : bob53h | On : October 30, 2010

The walking dead? You must be out of your minds. How many fucking zombie movies are out there? And you spent money to do another? Unbelieveable.

Predator… fine flick. Are we supposed to watch it 365 days a year for the rest of eternity?

Mad Men… boring piece of shit.

Halloween… cliche, unimaginative piece of shit. And that was when it first came out.

There are a lot great old flicks out there. Stop being such damned cheap bastards and provide some quality entertainment. Try to remember we pay for your product and you’re not offering much.

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  1. Nate s. said on 26-04-2011

    I’m also a big fan of The Walking Dead. Was very surprised to find that a zombie scetch had been made into a series. Well Done.. Can’t wait for the new series to start. Wish I new when it was going to be. AMC, be a pal and let your fans know when the new season plans on starting…oh, and for that comment up top who only had negative curses to say about ever show, Well we all could say the same about u. Get some emagenation and grow up. You Must Be Joking…

  2. Sharon Reynolds said on 05-12-2010

    I have watched many, many scary movies and whatnot, but I have to say that this is the best zombie movie I have ever watched. I also love the fact that is is a series. I watched every one of the first season more than once, and still love it.
    I can’t wait until the next season comes out. Love it. It is not only action, blood and guts, thrilling, mysterious, awesome to watch, but it also has a good plot. I love it. Thanks.

  3. liz said on 05-12-2010

    The walking dead is good

  4. Teresa B said on 11-11-2010

    Another zombie movie…….Yes and well done…I can’t wait until next Sunday!

  5. Karen Rubio said on 08-11-2010

    Watching Walking Dead and I would like it soooo much more if there weren’t soooo maaany commercials! GEEZ! It seems like there is just as much time spent on advertising as program. Very annoying. I used to love amc because of no commercial interruption. Too bad you changed. Don’t think I’ll watch Walking Dead any more.

  6. Pat Olson said on 04-11-2010

    I normally hate zombie movies but I loved “Walking Dead.”
    I can’t wait until next Sunday night to watch it again.

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