Love for wrestling over football?

Posted by : support | On : August 29, 2011

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My friend has always been big into wrestling. Well, actually it’s not called “wrestling”. It is more like an extreme martial arts type of fighting. There is an entire league and all fights are televised. I watched it one time and spent most of the time trying to figure out what was happening. In my confusion, I actually began to enjoy it. I know this is bizarre and totally uncharacteristic of me, but at the same time it is fascinating the skills these men have. So, out of my curiosity I went to to get the schedule and see if I received the channel. I watched a few matches alone and was starting to get a gasp on the rules and challenges of this sport. I have been excited about a new sport to watch and excited about my enthusiasm towards it. After getting a relatively good grasp on the sport, I called my friend over to watch the big match. He was thrilled to come and share in my excitement. To be honest, I was getting more into this than football. Was it possible? Had I found a sport I loved more than football? It is certainly starting to look that way!

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