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One of my favorite AMC series “The Killing” seems like it will make a comeback with a third season after all. A  joint effect between AMC and Netflix is in the works reports say.  Read more here:

AMC and Netflix Near Deal to Resurrect ‘The Killing’



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Our friend: BeverlyBeeB says:

I know this email will go unread and unattended to but here goes anyway…
I am requesting that you air “A Christmas Carol” movie with George C. Scott during the Christmas holiday this year. It would be nice to see it right on Christmas Eve, but if you can’t air on that particular day any time right before Christmas would be really nice.
Your station has been modernized quite drastically in the last few years, I remember when you used to really air “Classic” movies and not the modern day crap that promotes violence, killing and negative unhappy themes. Perhaps you would consider a change in venue during this holiday season? Fat chance right???
Thanks for considering my request.



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this post from our viewer:   dr.dancy:

I am trying to find the original version of “Heidi”, but am not sure of the actors.

Found three versons on Amazon, but I feel the original is older than 1993 which is the oldest one I saw.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

You can stream or buy it from amazon:



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here’s an interesting thought from our reader:  Mike

You played the movie Tombstone the other evening….One of my favorite movies but one I wont watch on AMC again…..I recorded the movie so i could fast forward thru your long commercial and promo breaks….You can make the commercial breaks as long as you want to and you are….and you Time Compress the movies to shorten them so you can get more commercials and promos in…..Time Compressing I can live with….but when you SCREW UP the END of the movie like you did the other night…..nothing I can do about that….except express my ANGER…..Right after Wyatt and Josephine kiss and the narration stops and the movie changes scenes to Wyatt and his brothers and  Doc Holliday walking down the street to the soundtrack and the credits roll….you squezzed the video down too the lower third of the screen and started rattling off all of these promos and shows you want me too watch….when I wanted to listen to the music and watch the credits roll….If you are going to play all those DAMN PROMOS at the end of the movie……TIME OUT the movie so you can do that so you dont WALK ALL OVER THE CREDITS OF A GOOD MOVIE…..God you PISSED me off when you did that…..and i was telling my lady friend how much she would enjoy watching the way the Director did the credits of the movie…..but of course she didnt get to see that because you F**ked it up…..Dish Network customers may not know how lucky they are…..Thanks for your time and do the right thing with the movie credits in the future….Yeah…..Right…..Mike



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So Breaking Bad Season 5 is halfway though already.  What do you guys think?
Thoughts, predictions?



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more comments from our readers (this one is from: BoolahBoolah regarding amc pop ups)

The screen is SO full of sh*t, I’ve BLOCKED AMC and have emailed your advertisers, and will NOT buy any of their products.  I KNOW what I’m watching, but now, you have THREE corners of the screen with bullshit all over the place.  The logo was bad enough, but this bull sh*t, well, go f*ck yourself.



Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : July 18, 2012

This week, AMC TV debuted it’s new show, Small Town Security.  Pretty quickly our friend Donald S messaged us his displeasure with the show:

I just watched your show Small Town Security, I think that show is so disgusting, I turned it off after the first ten minutes. That show is an insult to all law enforcement both public and private. I used to think Reno 911 stank, but this show is an all time low. I hope that this show never finishes a first season. The people that thought of this idea and the people who approved should be fired. Donald <last name withheld>  Ret. Narrovo, Calif. police Dept. 38 years.


So what does everyone else think so far?



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from our reader: Greg L.

i am a dish customer who when i switched to dish from cable years back insisted that i have amc as one of my channels. over the years i have enjoyed amc because i am a big classic movie watcher, and was disappointed that dish was dropping amc. however your reason for me calling dish and complaining is the same reason i haven’t been watching amc. American Movie Classics your definition of classic movies has changed and is now definitely than mine. when you make your own series it is not a classic it is not a movie and none of them are anything i will watch. so if you insist on series like breaking bad walking dead = drugs and zombies are not how you became what you were, and since you prefer to play them instead of a classic movie then it is time to say goodbye. hello turner classic movies (classic). and i never thought i would say it but good job dish network.



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from reader: Laurie

Apparently, like most stations, you seem to have forgotten that women are watching your channel as well as men. Who is responsible for your choice in advertisements? Eighteen-year-old boys? Be a little more professional – remember your audience, your demographics, and do NOT stick ads for cheap, low-class, low-intellect movies called “Piranha Double D” in front of people who are waiting for a movie like “The Wedding Planner” to begin. A few facts:

1. Women don’t want to see two oversized jugs bouncing up and down when they’re getting ready for a romance movie. (Yes – there are women out there!)

2. If you’re going to stick that trash in front of people for the benefit of the small population of childish men who MIGHT be watching, then stop being cowards and do likewise for women – show close-ups of a man running with his package bouncing around, stripping, masturbating, etc.

3. If you’re so unprofessional that you’re unable to resist trading in a quality image in order to please the few basement-dwelling, truck-driving momma’s boy losers that actually want to see that, then CHANGE YOUR FRIGGING NAME and get the word “Classics” out of the way. Then you won’t have people like me throwing up when they accidentally see the BS you’re putting out.

4. This is the first time I’ve bothered to try your station in a long time. I won’t do it again. There are so many classics out there that no one bothers with, and you’re missing them all. Gotta throw up now. I just saw a woman’s tits, and being a female, this grosses me out. Shame on you people.



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from: Joanne (and many other viewers)

Why is there no place on the net to find a simple listing of programs? I don’t want to get all involved. I just want to know what is on and when. Especially movies. I don’t care much for series shows. I want to look ahead several days and/or see when a movie shows again.