Posted by : ericalex1966 | On : May 30, 2011

2) VOLUME & Commercials!
Your channel is the WORST of any other channel about increasing the volume of commercials. You have to turn the volume way up to hear the movie your watching, and then a commercial comes on and blows you out of your chair. It’s ridiculous!!

I’m sending these same complaints about your channel, as well as the cable company, & industry as a whole, to the FCC. I’m sure it wont do a lot of good, as your industry spends millions of dollars through lobbyist to make sure you, rather than the consumer is protected.

Please do SOMETHING, or ANYTHING to improve some of these issues.



Posted by : dmollier | On : December 13, 2010

You have a great lineup but you are turning people away turning the volume way down to make the comercials sound loader. Stop practicing this and customers will be happier.
Thank You



Posted by : maricomp | On : June 11, 2010

Attention Management,
We have always liked the movies shown on your channel, except for all the commercials which I mute anyway.
I would like someone to explain (no excuses) why the sound level on many movies is so low that I have to turn the volume up to 65 or 70 just to hear it; and even then it does not raise the sound level? I know that there is nothing wrong with the TV, because the sound levels on all the other channels can be easily heard at normal range. In addition; when the commercial starts on your channel, it is booming out so loud, we have to turn it off.
We are missing so much of the sound track, and it is becoming a deterrent from watching your channel. Please reply and let us know what you can do to resolve the problem, so that we can continue to watch.
Thank you for your reply.



Posted by : coachcoffy | On : February 10, 2010

your shows are great,a few to many reruns,but we paid for tv not to see commercials,well that didn’t last,now when one comes on,the volume is outrageous,you have to race to turn it down.Please, we’ve paid for tv,can we not be blasted by the commercials we paid not to see. thank you coachcoffy



Posted by : K. B. Smith | On : November 25, 2009

I know you’ve heard this before and this is to cast my vote : THE VOLUME CHANGE IS WAY OVERDONE !!!!!  I have to use my mute button when the advertisements show or I have to play with the volume to hear the movie correctly.  The range in the volumes have kept me away from AMC unless it’s a really good movie AND there is nothing else on.  I’d like to see “Prisoner” but unless this problem is resolved I don’t think I will be.



Posted by : janet973 | On : September 20, 2009

hey i’m trying to watch a movie that i can hardly hear so i raise the volume. then the commercial screems at me. a little consistancy please. i know you want us to hear the commercials when we’re in the kitchen but please lower the volume!!



Posted by : vkent20 | On : August 22, 2009

why is the sound or the presence of your channel at such a low volume for the past 10 days??