Posted by : support | On : April 19, 2012

reader comment from:  Ramon R

How can you call yourselves American Movie Classics … when you show CSI Miami and keep showing the same movies over and over and over again. Can’t you televise better programming …???

I would like your comment on the matter. Thank you.



Posted by : support | On : April 19, 2012

Please show the movie ‘One Eyed Jacks’ with Marlon Brando on TV.




Posted by : support | On : April 14, 2012

more reader comments from:  Tiah & the gang

You know – you are called AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS – that means movies from the late 30’s – 60’s. Like antique means anything over a 100 yrs old, not 10 yrs old! You play old T.V. shows that we can see on other channels like TV Land & Nickelodeon, Disney Kids channel etc… We can watch movies from the 70’s to 2012 on the multitude of other channels that are out there like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, the Movie Channel, Encore, The Foreign Movie Channel & TNT, USA, FOX the list goes on & on. If you want to show old T.V. shows & newer movies – start a new channel! We want AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS TO BE EXACTLY WHAT IT STARTED OUT TO BE & THE REASON IT WAS SO SUCCESSFUL WAS BECAUSE IT WAS DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHER CHANNELS THAT ARE OUT THERE!!!!
And where were all the Classic Christmas movies last year????
I tuned to the Hallmark channel the whole month because of your lack of good Christmas programming.
Please – Please – Please – get back to where you started from.



Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : April 4, 2012

from reader: Randy

i really wish you guys in PROGRAMMING would start showing some variety in the movies.the same movies week after week is getting old.and what’s with the old reruns of CSI MIAMI? nobody wants to watch those.get a clue!please give us some new PREMIER movies to see.thanks.



Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 25, 2012

from viewer: Marion

There is a movie in which Orson Welles and Bradford Dillman starred in where Orson Welles and Bradford Dillman are both playing dual roles. I can:t remember the name of the movie but it is aan add this to my collection drama and it is excellent. Welles plays both an attorney and a construction worker inn this drama. Please help me.



Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 20, 2012

the thoughts of: Warren L

Why have you started airing CSI MIAMI? This is not a movie classic.CSI Miami is on at least 3 other channels.We watch your channel for movies NOT regular crap. Why have you gotten away from movie classics? You are now just another TV station.Why is it that companies stray off the path like you have done? All of my friends do not watch your channel anymore, and I am joining them.You have strayed away what you DID best…show movies.The person who suggested CSI Miami should be fired!!I cannot believe how terrible your programming is now.You need to change your channel from Movie classics, because it is Not movie classics anymore. CSI is on every channel!You are so out of touch with what people want to see on your channel,MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES.I can watch CSI on at least 3 different channels all the time.Now your channel absolutely sucks,and I hope your ratings plummet, and it should, as many,many of my friends will not watch AMC. I do not even know how you can call yourself American MOVIE classics when you have gotten away from your core. What a blunder!YOUR CHANNEL has gotten away from what you started with, and now it is terrible,just another TBS! Again, whoever thought of the idea of putting on CSI which can be seen all over TV should be termed.You have strayed away from amovie channel,so why don’t you change the name…you sure as hell aren’t an all movie channel anymore.Goodbye AMC! Your programming sucks!




Posted by : support | On : March 19, 2012

from:  Robert K

Occasionaly you have a movie that I Would like to watch. You are filling my screen with all of these pop ups and now you are interupting the program with these movie notes. It is very disrupting. I know every thing that I want to know with out this distraction. I will not watch your programming any longer.



Posted by : support | On : March 10, 2012

more thoughts from our viewers:

from Sean E:

Why are you lot show/playing Speed four [4] times in a row/ back-to-back showings on the same day??? WTF is your Program Director thinking??? You lot need to figure out a better line for your programming. I used to live in Rochester NY and you had better programming back then.

from Wayne L:

you ran a crawler across the screen tonight saying that suddenlink would possiblility take amc off 3-15-2012. I called suddenlind and was told that amc is trying to renew their contract at a 50% increaae. Although I like to watch amc, no one can stay in business with that much of an increase. You should be able to neogiate a much less amount. I have not had a 50% increase in income in the last 10 to 15 years.



Posted by : support | On : March 5, 2012

Guest Post from: Michael Nasser

I was wondering if you could run a couple of movies I saw when I was younger. The first movie is “Green Ice” about an emerald heist. The second movie is “The Millionaire”. It was a movie based on the tv series. Three people get a million each based on picks out of the phone book. Three brothers who own a car repair shop get picked, go to Vegas and blow it all. Or so they think, one brother saved a stack. A third movie is called “Doublecrossed”. True story about DEA informant who gets close to Pablo Escabar for the government, and then they arrest him for helping them out. Please get these movies and run them. I would love to see them again. Thank you




Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 1, 2012

Guess post by: Regina

I would like to know why you are showing the movie: The Fugitive so much and why are you showing the series of The Rifleman. We see the Rifleman classics on our local television channel 5.2 here in Cincinnati, Ohio. It would help if you would show good movies on weekends, mainly on Sundays. Everybody in the world is not watching sports or sports channels. Some good classic/adventure movies are people like Steve Reeves if you want to go back in time. Try to put together a program where people can watch good movies around 7:00 p.m.