Censorship on AMC

Posted by : ClassicBecky | On : December 21, 2010

As a culture, we have evolved greatly in aspects of racism that were common in the early days of movies.  That is wonderful, but AMC is censoring movies on that basis, and that is NOT wonderful.  I saw a recent showing of Holiday Inn (1942) with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.  One of the numbers, “Abraham”, done for Lincoln’s birthday at the Inn, was completely deleted.  Yes, it was done in blackface, like a minstrel show.  No one would dream of doing such a number today.  But movies are part of our history, and changing them to be politically correct is a dangerous step toward trying to correct all of history.  This IS our history, and trying to pretend it never happened is just as wrong as saying it was OK in the first place.  There is no racism or lack of concern in saying that history is what it is, and to try to blot it out will have disastrous consequences for books, movies, and ultimately the intelligence of our people as a whole.  Shame on AMC for believing that we are too stupid to know right from wrong, and too stupid to understand that there were other times and ways which, although we may not agree with them now, are a part of our history.

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  1. len bloomberg said on 15-06-2022

    AMC is brutally bad on sensorship and also very eratic when they do it.I might find a good movie on TV and look forward to it then when i see its on AMC decide not to watch it because of the sensorship

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