Posted by : support | On : December 13, 2012

Our friend: BeverlyBeeB says:

I know this email will go unread and unattended to but here goes anyway…
I am requesting that you air “A Christmas Carol” movie with George C. Scott during the Christmas holiday this year. It would be nice to see it right on Christmas Eve, but if you can’t air on that particular day any time right before Christmas would be really nice.
Your station has been modernized quite drastically in the last few years, I remember when you used to really air “Classic” movies and not the modern day crap that promotes violence, killing and negative unhappy themes. Perhaps you would consider a change in venue during this holiday season? Fat chance right???
Thanks for considering my request.



Posted by : support | On : October 8, 2012

this post from our viewer:   dr.dancy:

I am trying to find the original version of “Heidi”, but am not sure of the actors.

Found three versons on Amazon, but I feel the original is older than 1993 which is the oldest one I saw.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

You can stream or buy it from amazon:



Posted by : support | On : August 28, 2012

here’s an interesting thought from our reader:  Mike

You played the movie Tombstone the other evening….One of my favorite movies but one I wont watch on AMC again…..I recorded the movie so i could fast forward thru your long commercial and promo breaks….You can make the commercial breaks as long as you want to and you are….and you Time Compress the movies to shorten them so you can get more commercials and promos in…..Time Compressing I can live with….but when you SCREW UP the END of the movie like you did the other night…..nothing I can do about that….except express my ANGER…..Right after Wyatt and Josephine kiss and the narration stops and the movie changes scenes to Wyatt and his brothers and  Doc Holliday walking down the street to the soundtrack and the credits roll….you squezzed the video down too the lower third of the screen and started rattling off all of these promos and shows you want me too watch….when I wanted to listen to the music and watch the credits roll….If you are going to play all those DAMN PROMOS at the end of the movie……TIME OUT the movie so you can do that so you dont WALK ALL OVER THE CREDITS OF A GOOD MOVIE…..God you PISSED me off when you did that…..and i was telling my lady friend how much she would enjoy watching the way the Director did the credits of the movie…..but of course she didnt get to see that because you F**ked it up…..Dish Network customers may not know how lucky they are…..Thanks for your time and do the right thing with the movie credits in the future….Yeah…..Right…..Mike



Posted by : support | On : April 19, 2012

Please show the movie ‘One Eyed Jacks’ with Marlon Brando on TV.




Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : April 4, 2012

from reader: Randy

i really wish you guys in PROGRAMMING would start showing some variety in the movies.the same movies week after week is getting old.and what’s with the old reruns of CSI MIAMI? nobody wants to watch those.get a clue!please give us some new PREMIER movies to see.thanks.



Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 25, 2012

from viewer: Marion

There is a movie in which Orson Welles and Bradford Dillman starred in where Orson Welles and Bradford Dillman are both playing dual roles. I can:t remember the name of the movie but it is aan add this to my collection drama and it is excellent. Welles plays both an attorney and a construction worker inn this drama. Please help me.



Posted by : support | On : March 5, 2012

Guest Post from: Michael Nasser

I was wondering if you could run a couple of movies I saw when I was younger. The first movie is “Green Ice” about an emerald heist. The second movie is “The Millionaire”. It was a movie based on the tv series. Three people get a million each based on picks out of the phone book. Three brothers who own a car repair shop get picked, go to Vegas and blow it all. Or so they think, one brother saved a stack. A third movie is called “Doublecrossed”. True story about DEA informant who gets close to Pablo Escabar for the government, and then they arrest him for helping them out. Please get these movies and run them. I would love to see them again. Thank you




Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 1, 2012

Guess post by: Regina

I would like to know why you are showing the movie: The Fugitive so much and why are you showing the series of The Rifleman. We see the Rifleman classics on our local television channel 5.2 here in Cincinnati, Ohio. It would help if you would show good movies on weekends, mainly on Sundays. Everybody in the world is not watching sports or sports channels. Some good classic/adventure movies are people like Steve Reeves if you want to go back in time. Try to put together a program where people can watch good movies around 7:00 p.m.



Posted by : ravenscraftt | On : December 4, 2011

Have you guy’s completely run out of movies your line up really leaves alot to be desired. Running the same movie one time after another. And Classics I dont think you get the meaning of classic that mean’s movies that have been around for awhile and that people have actually heard of not this B rated stuff ( I think) you have been showing.    Signed  Former viewer



Posted by : freddyjohnston79 | On : August 17, 2011

I love to watch your movies, but why do you play them over,over,over,overand over!! I watch but my friends and family wish you would change things up! I have to change channels because I have seen the same thing so many times! PLS do something about this soon are you will loose alot of FANS!!