Breaking Bad Predictions For Season Five

Posted by : support | On : December 4, 2011

Season 4 Breaking Bad Recap

As you all know by now, Walt is not the sweet, innocent guy he once was. In the season 4 finale of Breaking Bad. We find Walt responsible for poisoning Brock with the berries from his Lily of the Valley plant and blaming the event on Gus in order to get Jesse’s cooperation in killing him. We also know that Walt orchestrated Gus’ death using none other than Hector, (and his annoying little bell) b? rigging a bomb to Hector’s wheelchair and giving Gus a reason to visit the nursing home b? letting him think that Hector had spoken with Hank and the DEA.

I’ll never be able to shake the image of Gus walking out of Hector’s room after the blast, straightening his tie. As the camera pans to Gus’ front, we discover that Gus is indeed gravely injured, Half his face had been blown off in the bombing and he looks like he should be starring in an episode of The Walking Dead as a zombie, instead of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan has stated that Walt, Jesse and the rest of the cast won’t be back for a sixth season, whi?h means that Season 5 will be the end of the series. How ?an the? wrap up all the twists and turns of Breaking Bad in one season? I don’t know. I’ve read that AMC has ordered 16 episodes for next year (instead of the usual 13) after there was talk about the show moving to another network.

I’m going to make some predictions about next season. Take them with a grain of salt. As we know, anything can happen on Breaking Bad and usually does.

My Top 5 Breaking Bad Predictions (Feel free to add your predictions below)

1.) There are still loose ends to contend with on Breaking Bad. Mike is still in Mexico recovering from gunshot wounds and doesn’t know yet that Gus was killed. With Mike out of the bad guy business, he’ll have to get a real job to make ends meet. I see Mike going to work being the new grouchy manager of Los Pollos Hermanos and turning it into AMC’s first comedy spinoff series called, Mike.

2.) Hank is getting wa? too close to finding out that his brother in law is the one and only, Heisenberg. It’s time for Hank to either get killed, or to get on board in the family meth business. Think about what having an informant in the DEA ?ould do for business. I think it would be a good move to see Hank break bad. Knowing what he knows, he ?ould be the show’s greatest villain, yet!

3.) Marie gets caught outside of Kmart with a carriage full of DVD’s and clothing she shoplifted from the store. Hank gets disgusted and doesn’t save her this time, so she gets arrested and calls Skyler for help. Guess who gets her off on a technicality? Everyone’s favorite sleazebag attorney, Saul Goodman.

4.) I see Skyler and Saul having an affair. They are two people with no respect for each other, so them dating on the side would add a bit of comic relief and drama at the same time. Saul won’t survive the end of the season,.. I see him being assassinated in a motel room with Skyler. Not by Walt, but b? Walter Jr., who uses a gun he steals from his uncle Hank.

5.) How will the series end? Walt’s cancer returns, onl? to kill him rapidly. I also see Jesse being assassinated, but I’m not sure who does it. It’s Breaking Bad. It won’t end happy, but it will be a ride we’ll never forget. That mu?h is certain.

What do ?ou see for the future of Breaking Bad?

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