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Posted by : support | On : April 21, 2012

from: Joanne (and many other viewers)

Why is there no place on the net to find a simple listing of programs? I don’t want to get all involved. I just want to know what is on and when. Especially movies. I don’t care much for series shows. I want to look ahead several days and/or see when a movie shows again.



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  1. Douglas A Tripp said on 20-10-2017

    You should change your name WDC ! THE WALKING DEAD CHANNEL. I used to love watching movies and especially horror before Hollow Ween. I think you fired everybody and just put W.D. on a constant loop.

  2. Angela said on 31-01-2016

    I have never left a message before but I do watch AMC.. I would LOVE to see Westward the women…. My all time favorite movie….

  3. John Alegi said on 12-01-2015

    Why do you keep showing The Bourne Supremacy over and over and I am still waiting to see the The Bourne Ultimatum

  4. rodney schroeder said on 22-11-2013

    I can’t believe that Amc is not playing PT109 today ….50th anniversary

  5. FRANCES said on 14-07-2013

    YOU ONCE PLAYED A MOVIE CALLED ” TEXAS ACROSS THE RIVER” with DEAN MARTIN & JOEY BISHOP. I know you don’t take requests anymore but I would really like to see it again. I can’t find it anywhere else.
    Frances Pattison
    [ flpatt@hotmail.ca ]

  6. support said on 29-06-2012

    Here is the TV schedule:

    and the “Walking Dead” marathon is July 7th and 8th

  7. William D. Wynn said on 28-06-2012

    Would like to know the schedule for the upcomming “Walking Dead” marathon. Please respond. Thanks.

  8. valerie said on 26-06-2012

    I totally agree I watch for the movies thats what AMC stands for why mess with a good thing stick to movies and I love the reviews before and after the movie esp when they give the hx of the making. post a schuedule please.

  9. amcfan1 said on 21-04-2012

    Hi Joanne and other readers…

    Try this:

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