CSI Miami is a movie classic???

Posted by : support | On : April 19, 2012

reader comment from:  Ramon R

How can you call yourselves American Movie Classics … when you show CSI Miami and keep showing the same movies over and over and over again. Can’t you televise better programming …???

I would like your comment on the matter. Thank you.

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  1. Sammy said on 24-06-2012

    Think you should look up the definition of Classic

  2. Jeff said on 06-06-2012

    Dish is getting rid of AMC and who can blame them,AMC is the most misrepresented channel: with crap like madmen,the killing,breaking bad all LAAAME!!!!!!I think everybody should get rid of AMC maybe then they will “FIRE” their program director and GET REAL.Someone needs to teach them what a classic is.Because it’s obvious they are clueless!!! (PS. CSI is not a classic either)

  3. Rick said on 30-05-2012

    My sentiments exactly. If it weren’t for Madmen, I’d never turn it to AMC at all these days. (Not that it’s a “movie classic” either!)

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