Posted by : support | On : December 21, 2012

One of my favorite AMC series “The Killing” seems like it will make a comeback with a third season after all. A  joint effect between AMC and Netflix is in the works reports say.  Read more here:

AMC and Netflix Near Deal to Resurrect ‘The Killing’



Posted by : ericalex1966 | On : May 30, 2011

Hello, I just wanted to say that AMC has been one of my top 3 favorite channels for years now. With all the ridiculous “reality” shows, your channel is one of the few that remains a place to go and watch a good “movie”.

However, I have to say that your channel has deteriorated drastically over the last year or so. I like the opportunity to catch a program that I missed, but you take it to extremes. There are times you air the same program 4 or 5 times in a single day, & repeat the same lineup several times in the same week. I’ve also seen a show run looped 3 or 4 times. There are SO MANY really good movies out there, you should really have no problem filling your air time with quality movies without showing the same one 12 times in a week.

Then on some of your series you have the opposite problem. “The Killing” for example. I started watching and found it something I was interested in, but I missed a few episodes, and with you guys having a recent history of beating shows to death with constant replay, this show offers NO replays at all.



Posted by : jedr1046 | On : May 24, 2011

A comment regarding the Sunday, 5/22/11 episode of The Killing.

There should have been a violence disclaimer. The degree of violence displayed during the killing of the teacher is inexcusable. Additionally, there is enough stereotyping of black men on television without AMC adding fuel to the fire.

I just cried in anger when I saw this portion of the episode–SHAME ON YOU.



Posted by : jlg7777 | On : May 16, 2011

Everyone is talking about “the killing”. Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the episodes. Will you be having another marathon so that I can catch up with this great show.
I’d much rather watch it on TV (FIOS), than on the internet.

Thank you,



Posted by : lightann | On : April 27, 2011

I saw on my tv that you can get AMC online and submit your choice as to who the killer is. I can’t find it. Help.