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here’s an interesting thought from our reader:  Mike

You played the movie Tombstone the other evening….One of my favorite movies but one I wont watch on AMC again…..I recorded the movie so i could fast forward thru your long commercial and promo breaks….You can make the commercial breaks as long as you want to and you are….and you Time Compress the movies to shorten them so you can get more commercials and promos in…..Time Compressing I can live with….but when you SCREW UP the END of the movie like you did the other night…..nothing I can do about that….except express my ANGER…..Right after Wyatt and Josephine kiss and the narration stops and the movie changes scenes to Wyatt and his brothers and  Doc Holliday walking down the street to the soundtrack and the credits roll….you squezzed the video down too the lower third of the screen and started rattling off all of these promos and shows you want me too watch….when I wanted to listen to the music and watch the credits roll….If you are going to play all those DAMN PROMOS at the end of the movie……TIME OUT the movie so you can do that so you dont WALK ALL OVER THE CREDITS OF A GOOD MOVIE…..God you PISSED me off when you did that…..and i was telling my lady friend how much she would enjoy watching the way the Director did the credits of the movie…..but of course she didnt get to see that because you F**ked it up…..Dish Network customers may not know how lucky they are…..Thanks for your time and do the right thing with the movie credits in the future….Yeah…..Right…..Mike



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This week, AMC TV debuted it’s new show, Small Town Security.  Pretty quickly our friend Donald S messaged us his displeasure with the show:

I just watched your show Small Town Security, I think that show is so disgusting, I turned it off after the first ten minutes. That show is an insult to all law enforcement both public and private. I used to think Reno 911 stank, but this show is an all time low. I hope that this show never finishes a first season. The people that thought of this idea and the people who approved should be fired. Donald <last name withheld>  Ret. Narrovo, Calif. police Dept. 38 years.


So what does everyone else think so far?



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from our reader: Greg L.

i am a dish customer who when i switched to dish from cable years back insisted that i have amc as one of my channels. over the years i have enjoyed amc because i am a big classic movie watcher, and was disappointed that dish was dropping amc. however your reason for me calling dish and complaining is the same reason i haven’t been watching amc. American Movie Classics your definition of classic movies has changed and is now definitely than mine. when you make your own series it is not a classic it is not a movie and none of them are anything i will watch. so if you insist on series like breaking bad walking dead = drugs and zombies are not how you became what you were, and since you prefer to play them instead of a classic movie then it is time to say goodbye. hello turner classic movies (classic). and i never thought i would say it but good job dish network.



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from reader: Laurie

Apparently, like most stations, you seem to have forgotten that women are watching your channel as well as men. Who is responsible for your choice in advertisements? Eighteen-year-old boys? Be a little more professional – remember your audience, your demographics, and do NOT stick ads for cheap, low-class, low-intellect movies called “Piranha Double D” in front of people who are waiting for a movie like “The Wedding Planner” to begin. A few facts:

1. Women don’t want to see two oversized jugs bouncing up and down when they’re getting ready for a romance movie. (Yes – there are women out there!)

2. If you’re going to stick that trash in front of people for the benefit of the small population of childish men who MIGHT be watching, then stop being cowards and do likewise for women – show close-ups of a man running with his package bouncing around, stripping, masturbating, etc.

3. If you’re so unprofessional that you’re unable to resist trading in a quality image in order to please the few basement-dwelling, truck-driving momma’s boy losers that actually want to see that, then CHANGE YOUR FRIGGING NAME and get the word “Classics” out of the way. Then you won’t have people like me throwing up when they accidentally see the BS you’re putting out.

4. This is the first time I’ve bothered to try your station in a long time. I won’t do it again. There are so many classics out there that no one bothers with, and you’re missing them all. Gotta throw up now. I just saw a woman’s tits, and being a female, this grosses me out. Shame on you people.



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from: Joanne (and many other viewers)

Why is there no place on the net to find a simple listing of programs? I don’t want to get all involved. I just want to know what is on and when. Especially movies. I don’t care much for series shows. I want to look ahead several days and/or see when a movie shows again.





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reader comment from:  Ramon R

How can you call yourselves American Movie Classics … when you show CSI Miami and keep showing the same movies over and over and over again. Can’t you televise better programming …???

I would like your comment on the matter. Thank you.



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more reader comments from:  Tiah & the gang

You know – you are called AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS – that means movies from the late 30’s – 60’s. Like antique means anything over a 100 yrs old, not 10 yrs old! You play old T.V. shows that we can see on other channels like TV Land & Nickelodeon, Disney Kids channel etc… We can watch movies from the 70’s to 2012 on the multitude of other channels that are out there like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, the Movie Channel, Encore, The Foreign Movie Channel & TNT, USA, FOX the list goes on & on. If you want to show old T.V. shows & newer movies – start a new channel! We want AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS TO BE EXACTLY WHAT IT STARTED OUT TO BE & THE REASON IT WAS SO SUCCESSFUL WAS BECAUSE IT WAS DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHER CHANNELS THAT ARE OUT THERE!!!!
And where were all the Classic Christmas movies last year????
I tuned to the Hallmark channel the whole month because of your lack of good Christmas programming.
Please – Please – Please – get back to where you started from.



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the thoughts of: Warren L

Why have you started airing CSI MIAMI? This is not a movie classic.CSI Miami is on at least 3 other channels.We watch your channel for movies NOT regular crap. Why have you gotten away from movie classics? You are now just another TV station.Why is it that companies stray off the path like you have done? All of my friends do not watch your channel anymore, and I am joining them.You have strayed away what you DID best…show movies.The person who suggested CSI Miami should be fired!!I cannot believe how terrible your programming is now.You need to change your channel from Movie classics, because it is Not movie classics anymore. CSI is on every channel!You are so out of touch with what people want to see on your channel,MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES.I can watch CSI on at least 3 different channels all the time.Now your channel absolutely sucks,and I hope your ratings plummet, and it should, as many,many of my friends will not watch AMC. I do not even know how you can call yourself American MOVIE classics when you have gotten away from your core. What a blunder!YOUR CHANNEL has gotten away from what you started with, and now it is terrible,just another TBS! Again, whoever thought of the idea of putting on CSI which can be seen all over TV should be termed.You have strayed away from amovie channel,so why don’t you change the name…you sure as hell aren’t an all movie channel anymore.Goodbye AMC! Your programming sucks!




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more thoughts from our viewers:

from Sean E:

Why are you lot show/playing Speed four [4] times in a row/ back-to-back showings on the same day??? WTF is your Program Director thinking??? You lot need to figure out a better line for your programming. I used to live in Rochester NY and you had better programming back then.

from Wayne L:

you ran a crawler across the screen tonight saying that suddenlink would possiblility take amc off 3-15-2012. I called suddenlind and was told that amc is trying to renew their contract at a 50% increaae. Although I like to watch amc, no one can stay in business with that much of an increase. You should be able to neogiate a much less amount. I have not had a 50% increase in income in the last 10 to 15 years.



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Advertising is everything..

Perhaps your remember a little show called The Sopranos. Maybe you don’t, it was very underground. If you do happen to remember that indie darling, it might be time to start tuning into AMC’s Mad Men. Created by Matthew Weiner, a writer and producer of the smash-hit mob drama, Mad Men trades in the guns and lasagna for sharp suits and a never-ending fount of whiskey.

Named for Madison Avenue, Mad Men is all about how people sell themselves. At the advertising offices of Sterling and Cooper, Weiner’s characters struggle to sell their services to their clients and themselves to each other. Advertising, of course, is key. Leading man Jon Hamm plays Don Draper, a man who has sold himself so well that he has literally and figuratively, ceased to exist.

In fact, Don Draper died years ago in the Korean War and our protagonist has taken his name and identity and crafted himself a life of upper-class perfection. A truly brilliant advertiser, he has risen the ranks to become the most respected man in the company, and in fact, the entire advertising industry.

Everything old is new again…

Mad Men takes place in the early sixties, and follows a very carefully plotted timeline. The writers have been very careful to integrate a??ropriate references to real world events and products which happened during that time period. The first season is interwoven with much of the young Senator John Kennedy’s presidential race against Richard Nixon for the presidency, as the behind-the-times Sterling Cooper helps to create advertisements for Nixon.

What I find refreshing about Mad Men’s choice of time period is that it avoids the traps many fiction writers set for themselves. Set in neither the placid, post-war 50s nor the turbulent 70s, Mad Men has no easy outs when it tells a story about oppression and not obvious parallel to make when the world seems like it is burning. The 1960s were about transition, and the test of the main characters will be whether they can sell themselves in the new America that is still peacefully gestating, soon to be born into a wild, screaming infant.

Winning Hearts and Minds (and statues)

The big winner at this years Emmy Awards, Mad Men is the first basic-cable network program to win the award for best 2008. Alongside FX’s Damages, Mad Men is breaking new ground. With more and more channels available, it was only a matter of time before the programming on the cable networks would equal the output of broadcasters such as NBC and Fox.

Previously, pay stations such as HBO and Showtime were the only other players in the big leagues, their method of revenue providing for big budgets for their prestige shows. As television viewership begins to level out, cable stations are reaching an equilibrium with broadcast television. This is good for cable, and bad for broadcast- as viewership for dramas such as Mad Men and The Shield draw people to cable, they leave the broadcast stations with less bodies in the seats.

Watch or Die

The Mad Men train is just starting to get out of the station, and viewers would be wise to catch it while they can. The first season is available on DVD, and will be a quick catch-up for the second season, already in progress. Watch it Sunday nights on AMC at 10:00 pm.

Don’t be afraid to leave the big networks behind, they’ll be there when you come back. Right now, though, you have a job appointment on Madison Avenue.