Too Much Speed and rate hikes?

Posted by : support | On : March 10, 2012

more thoughts from our viewers:

from Sean E:

Why are you lot show/playing Speed four [4] times in a row/ back-to-back showings on the same day??? WTF is your Program Director thinking??? You lot need to figure out a better line for your programming. I used to live in Rochester NY and you had better programming back then.

from Wayne L:

you ran a crawler across the screen tonight saying that suddenlink would possiblility take amc off 3-15-2012. I called suddenlind and was told that amc is trying to renew their contract at a 50% increaae. Although I like to watch amc, no one can stay in business with that much of an increase. You should be able to neogiate a much less amount. I have not had a 50% increase in income in the last 10 to 15 years.

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  1. Rick said on 30-05-2012

    “…WTF is your Program Director thinking???…”

    How many times I have asked myself this same question…

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