CSI Miami is not a movie classic!

Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : March 20, 2012

the thoughts of: Warren L

Why have you started airing CSI MIAMI? This is not a movie classic.CSI Miami is on at least 3 other channels.We watch your channel for movies NOT regular crap. Why have you gotten away from movie classics? You are now just another TV station.Why is it that companies stray off the path like you have done? All of my friends do not watch your channel anymore, and I am joining them.You have strayed away what you DID best…show movies.The person who suggested CSI Miami should be fired!!I cannot believe how terrible your programming is now.You need to change your channel from Movie classics, because it is Not movie classics anymore. CSI is on every channel!You are so out of touch with what people want to see on your channel,MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES.I can watch CSI on at least 3 different channels all the time.Now your channel absolutely sucks,and I hope your ratings plummet, and it should, as many,many of my friends will not watch AMC. I do not even know how you can call yourself American MOVIE classics when you have gotten away from your core. What a blunder!YOUR CHANNEL has gotten away from what you started with, and now it is terrible,just another TBS! Again, whoever thought of the idea of putting on CSI which can be seen all over TV should be termed.You have strayed away from amovie channel,so why don’t you change the name…you sure as hell aren’t an all movie channel anymore.Goodbye AMC! Your programming sucks!


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