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Posted by : maricomp | On : June 11, 2010

Attention Management,
We have always liked the movies shown on your channel, except for all the commercials which I mute anyway.
I would like someone to explain (no excuses) why the sound level on many movies is so low that I have to turn the volume up to 65 or 70 just to hear it; and even then it does not raise the sound level? I know that there is nothing wrong with the TV, because the sound levels on all the other channels can be easily heard at normal range. In addition; when the commercial starts on your channel, it is booming out so loud, we have to turn it off.
We are missing so much of the sound track, and it is becoming a deterrent from watching your channel. Please reply and let us know what you can do to resolve the problem, so that we can continue to watch.
Thank you for your reply.

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  1. Wil Kuzma said on 12-07-2010


  2. Wil Kuzma said on 04-07-2010

    The July 4th John Wayne commercial weekend was so inundated with interruptions that I could not enjoy
    the programs.
    Approx. 6 minutes of movie and 4 minutes of commercials is the most aggravating setting to try and enjoy.
    The fact that we have to set through the same crap hour after hour comes to an end right now.
    You need to take a tip from TCM and pickup some of your lost viewers, that’s where I’m headed.

    Greed controls America today,that’s why these blogs
    are filled with the people’s anger.
    It all started with the pay toilet years ago and you keep pushing.

  3. Michael Florow said on 27-06-2010

    I’ve been looking at a lot of the Blogs for the AMC Channel and I hope the Management of AMC is doing the same. I’m trying to watch “Cold Mountain” but the show should be called Mission Impossible because of ALL THE COMMERCIALS. 5 minutes of show, then commericals. You have taken a show that should be about 2 Hours and 20 minutes long and made the show into an epic that last 3 Hours and 30 minutes because of all the stupid commericals. So, keep your commericals, and you have lost another viewer. Just like The Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and the Military Channel. I’m no longer watching those channels because of to many commericals. Funny thing is we once purchase cable television so as to not have to watch commericals, now we pay for cable TV and still have to watch commericals. Someone is getting rich at the expense of the viewer. Think I’ll go back to only watching my personal DVDs, VHS Tape, and Music CDs! NO COMMERCIALS TO DEAL WITH!!!

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