pay & get nothing in return

Posted by : rfusco1 | On : March 4, 2011

Like many others comments, you used to be a great channel, now it’s mostly commercials and you show the same crap all the time, you now remind me of our gov’t.
pay, pay, and get nothing in return.

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  1. Robert said on 04-04-2011

    I’ve been watching AMC ever since it started but now I’m afraid the time has come to stop. Why? Principally because now for every five to ten minutes of movie time there’s almost the same amount of commercial time. It isn’t worth it anymore. I’m so bored watching AMC…you’ve ruined good and great movies with your commercial schedules. I think eventually more and more of your fans will start to get the same feeling as I and say adios!
    By the way, I’m sad to say, goodbye! It was fun while it lasted.

  2. Christopher said on 04-04-2011


    Why must you constantly ruin your movies with your banners and premiere reminders in the corner. I cant watch your channel anymore.

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