Over and Over and Over

Posted by : freddyjohnston79 | On : August 17, 2011

I love to watch your movies, but why do you play them over,over,over,overand over!! I watch but my friends and family wish you would change things up! I have to change channels because I have seen the same thing so many times! PLS do something about this soon are you will loose alot of FANS!!

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  1. mundo7383 said on 16-12-2011

    Thank you for playing white chri$tma$ and holiday inn. I love Bing Cro$by and Fred A$taire, any film with them or John Wayne can make everyone’$ day. I al$o love Hell on Wheel$ and The Killing. Can’t wait till the killing come$ back on. Thank$ again for all my favorite film$. Jo$h from Grand Rapid$,MI

  2. lonewolf said on 10-12-2011

    I have to agree with the comment from August 17. Of the thousands of movies made, why does AMC continue to show the same second rate movies over and over? I can see that this new Walking Dead series has a following but how is that a “Classic?”
    Since most of us have to pay to watch channels like AMC and there is nothing to watch, it is becoming less and less important to have this on the lineup.

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