more than any other channel!

Posted by : ericalex1966 | On : May 30, 2011

1) COMMERCIALS! You guys used to run most “movies” commercial free, or at least with “limited” commercials, but NOW you run more commercials than ANY other channel. If that wasn’t bad enough, the amount of commercial time versus movie time is ridiculous. You’ll run 10 minutes of the movie, followed by 15 straight minutes of commercial. The ratio is so far out of proportion that I’ll end up losing interest waiting for the show to come back on, and change channels.

It would be semi-understandable, if the revenue from the commercials was paying for broadcasting over the air, where your channel was free to everyone, but when people first started paying for satellite and cable, it was to get commercial free TV. Back in those days it was just HBO, and a few others and folks were willing to pay for the service even though there were plenty of networks broadcasting totally free TV. The sole reason they “were” willing to pay, was they got to watch movies in their homes, commercial free. Now I feel like I’m getting ripped off by “everyone” involved in the supply chain. First off, I pay over $50/month for basic cable. For that price I get about 60 channels of which I get to choose none. From those 60, I found about 4 that are actually worth watching. Now I feel like I’m paying $50/month to be bombarded with commercials. I compare the experience with this: say your using your cell phone that you pay $50/month for to talk to your family that lives across the country and during the phone conversation, about every 10 minutes the operator breaks in on your conversation, puts your family on hold, and forces you to listen to 15 minutes of a telemarketing pitch before you can resume your conversation!

The government has finally put laws in place to protect people from the telemarketing, and setup “do not call” lists, but for some reason we are all subjected to this same thing constantly while trying to relax and enjoy a TV show.

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