I would gladly cancel AMC

Posted by : CloydBlueDolphin | On : February 23, 2011

I feel it very hard to support AMC.
I remember years ago, when I paid the premium to view AMC,
commercial free. Now I still pay a premium, but it seems like there are more commercials than the movie… I sometimes forget what I am watching. There’s an old say about sh__, shower, and shave. With as many commercials you play, I can do that quite easily. If I could delete AMC from Dish Network, and deduct the premium, I would gladly cancel AMC from my lineup..

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  1. Larry Crowne said on 24-06-2011

    This is wonderful blog. I love it.

  2. George Huntington said on 05-05-2011

    I believe that AMC shows the best Movies seen on TV, but eo watch a 2 hour movie you must allo well over 3 1/2 hours . I have timed some great movies and found that for every 8 minutes of movie there is 7 minutes of Commercials. I don’t enjoy putting my TV on muteor switching channels. It’s sad that a tv channel that shows such good movies chases me away!
    Let’s all boycot the channel !!!

  3. Beth Roe said on 11-04-2011

    You show the Three Stooges every morning….what about Snow White and the Three Stooges?? Would love to see it again!!!! Please try to get it on.

  4. Fred Derf said on 02-04-2011

    Apparently AMC can exist with no viewers as long as the ad revenue keeps piling in. Best to contact your cable channel and suggest AMC be stricken from the lineup.

  5. Douglas said on 29-03-2011

    For a customer to pay a subscription fee for premium channels is fine with me. In fact, it is only fair for a customer to be charged for channels that are not accessible by “over the air” and “free” network television. However, when the customer pays a monthly subscription, they deserve to receive commercial free programming. The only reason a subscription channel would play commercials is to make even MORE money than they are making now. I deplore the use of commercials in subscription television and I believe it ultimately causes a decline in viewers.

  6. steve trippiedi said on 01-03-2011

    This is one of my favorite stations. But I agree “way way too many commercials.

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