Good job Dish Network!

Posted by : support | On : June 13, 2012

from our reader: Greg L.

i am a dish customer who when i switched to dish from cable years back insisted that i have amc as one of my channels. over the years i have enjoyed amc because i am a big classic movie watcher, and was disappointed that dish was dropping amc. however your reason for me calling dish and complaining is the same reason i haven’t been watching amc. American Movie Classics your definition of classic movies has changed and is now definitely than mine. when you make your own series it is not a classic it is not a movie and none of them are anything i will watch. so if you insist on series like breaking bad walking dead = drugs and zombies are not how you became what you were, and since you prefer to play them instead of a classic movie then it is time to say goodbye. hello turner classic movies (classic). and i never thought i would say it but good job dish network.

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  1. Sarah Thompson said on 27-05-2014

    I am confused. Did Dish Network really get rid of AMC? I love AMC and was thinking about getting Dish because I saw AMC listed in the channel guide like it is on this page: http://www.qprism.com/dish-channel-list If I am not going to get AMC I am not sure I want to go with Dish, though

  2. Patricia said on 29-07-2012

    I have Dish Network and really miss AMC for a lot of reasons – two in particular are the walking dead and hell on wheels.
    Is there any way I can watch my movies and shows on my laptop or perhaps Kindle Fire?
    Even if I have to pay for it.

  3. Becky said on 04-07-2012

    I was wondering why DISH had dropped AMC but after reading comments on here I know why and I’m not bothered with it. It is very true that they can no longer call themselves “classic” because there really isn’t anything classic about them anymore. I loved watching all the old movies they used to show and really had my kids watching them as well but the lack of them had us going to other channels and to the blockbuster movie pass that DISH offers. I have been a DISH customer for over 12 yrs now and they would have to get rid of some of the major channels I watch everyday to for me to drop them! DISH is a great service and I hate to say it but I had DirecTV when they first came out and it didn’t take us long to realize they SUCK!! They raise prices constantly and you lose alot of channels from them!

  4. Mike said on 21-06-2012

    I recently became a DISH customer, and upon doing so I wanted to make sure it came with AMC and IFC. Now only 2 months later they’re getting rid of them! I am very disappointed and will just disconnect it and go back to DirecTV. Come on EXECUTIVES, your so smart, right? Now get your acts together and sign the contract.

  5. brenda stroman said on 16-06-2012

    Dishnetwork will be sorry they are taking off amc channel. Why your customers have a say over what they want. We are the one’s paying for the programming in the first place. We all agree that we got cable to enjoy watching what we want and not all the unnessary channels that we do have that never get watched. Please reconsider taking this channel off your programming. You will loose alot of customers due to this decision.

    I have many friends and family that totally agree with me and are going to cancel if the decision is not reversed.

    Thank you for your time.

    brenda stroman

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