commercial blow out

Posted by : ericalex1966 | On : May 30, 2011

2) VOLUME & Commercials!
Your channel is the WORST of any other channel about increasing the volume of commercials. You have to turn the volume way up to hear the movie your watching, and then a commercial comes on and blows you out of your chair. It’s ridiculous!!

I’m sending these same complaints about your channel, as well as the cable company, & industry as a whole, to the FCC. I’m sure it wont do a lot of good, as your industry spends millions of dollars through lobbyist to make sure you, rather than the consumer is protected.

Please do SOMETHING, or ANYTHING to improve some of these issues.

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  1. Barbara said on 06-12-2013

    It had been a lot worse since they came back on the air after the Fox fiasco!!!! Not just the commercials but all of it.

  2. valerie said on 26-06-2012

    i agree I dont watch this channel at night because of this problem.

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