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Posted by : Dj | On : September 20, 2009

I am very very tired of excessive advertising on AMC.  The excessive length of commercial breaks, the “scrunching” of credits of the previous show in order to start the new program or to allow advertising or promos is STUPID.  We, as a people in this country, are SEVERLY over-exposed to commercial advertisin..  It’s almost to the point commercial air-time is longer than programming air-time.  Also, the promos for “BREAKING BAD” are way over used.  I didn’t like the show when it came out on SHOWTIME and it hasn’t gotten any better.  In my oppinion, 4 minutes of advertising per 30 minutes of programming is sufficient.  Also, stop infomercials.  Us night-owls want to watch programming…..not ads!

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  1. Steve said on 30-10-2009

    absolutely. And what is worse than getting to a real intense scene and then, the little pop-up of mad Men in the lower left corner of the screen or some such ad. Watching AMC is no longer what it used to be.

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