Posted by : anna4746 | On : June 27, 2011

Hi, could you tell me if Monolith Monsters will ever be on TV? I remember seeing this awesome science fiction movie when I was a child, and I would like to see it again.




Posted by : 5birdwatcher | On : May 30, 2011

I would love to see this movie.Have you ever showed it on AMC? If not would you please show it if possible,also would you let me know when it airs.I watch this channel a lot but sometimes you show the movies late at night and if I don’t know when they are on I cannot tape them. Thanks.



Posted by : ST316 | On : May 22, 2011

At 1:30 PM CST, you began showing “Last of the Dogmen” with Tom Berenger. I desperately need a copy of this movie for my husband for Father’s Day! I have been to every website I can find. British compliant copies are available, but not ones that will play either on an American VHS player or DVD player. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find a copy of this movie? We both enjoy all your movies (wish that you would limit commercials, as has already been expressed), but understand that you, also, “have to pay the bills”. Thanks for the great movies that you provide and I truly hope that you can help me! Sharon