So, what did you think of Small Town Security?

Posted by : AMC Fan1 | On : July 18, 2012

This week, AMC TV debuted it’s new show, Small Town Security.  Pretty quickly our friend Donald S messaged us his displeasure with the show:

I just watched your show Small Town Security, I think that show is so disgusting, I turned it off after the first ten minutes. That show is an insult to all law enforcement both public and private. I used to think Reno 911 stank, but this show is an all time low. I hope that this show never finishes a first season. The people that thought of this idea and the people who approved should be fired. Donald <last name withheld>  Ret. Narrovo, Calif. police Dept. 38 years.


So what does everyone else think so far?

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  1. Tara B said on 14-08-2012

    I absolutely think its a train wreck you cannot turn away from. I LOVE IT. I live 15 miles from this town, and had no idea they existed. They are hilarious, messed up, totally inappropriate, and disgusting, but I cant turn away. Your editing and production are awesome, and its one of my favorite shows. Never have I watched something that shocked, awed, and made me laugh uncontrollably!!! KEEP IT UP…totally bizarre, but I cant stop watching…

  2. allan jollie said on 24-07-2012

    Honestly, is that the best you can do? American MOVIE Classics? For God’s sake, change your name to bullshit TV…

  3. Lee said on 18-07-2012


    I concur w/Donald 100%. What uplifting value does this show bring to your audience? This is an insult to the viewers who expect a higher standard of programming from an award winning network. A strong thumbs down to the cast and crew.

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