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Posted by : support | On : March 19, 2012

from:  Robert K

Occasionaly you have a movie that I Would like to watch. You are filling my screen with all of these pop ups and now you are interupting the program with these movie notes. It is very disrupting. I know every thing that I want to know with out this distraction. I will not watch your programming any longer.

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  1. mark c said on 24-06-2012

    i do not like pop-ups during a movie or info about a movie while a movie is playing, if you want to show this show it after the movie goes of, or buy the dvd of this movie. this makes more sense.

  2. Ron said on 21-06-2012

    American Movie Classics (AMC) GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!
    I lost count in the past few months, the number of times “The Fugitive” & “Independence Day” has been shown.Not to mention the same few other movies that are “constantly” shown”.
    It’s been irritating enough having a movie ruined with an advertisement in the lower corner of the television screen. Now, the irritation is compounded, during a movie while a script is constantly running at the bottom of the screen, stating to contact who ever to have Dish Network not drop AMC. I strongly believe, the public has had enough of AMC and other networks ruinig the tempo of shows with advertisements, put in your face, while a program is in session. If AMC is dropped, no loss.

  3. Rick said on 30-05-2012

    This will likely be my only visit to this site that I just stumbled upon, but it’s something of a catharsis to find fellow (former or soon-to-be) viewers lodging the same *numerous* complaints! If I were the artist/copyright holder of any film, I’d not even allow it to be shown with so much as a channel logo lower right, much less popups. I changed my cable subscription to get Turner Classic Movies to escape this madness.

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