More Volume Issues?

Posted by : dmollier | On : December 13, 2010

You have a great lineup but you are turning people away turning the volume way down to make the comercials sound loader. Stop practicing this and customers will be happier.
Thank You

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  1. Jdub said on 23-03-2011

    The volume on commercials is way out of line. Cmon AMC guys, this is ruining your channel. I didnt switch to Uverse to keep AMC, but if this volume crap doesnt change,,,Uverse here I come.

  2. jack dunlap said on 20-12-2010

    I most definitely agree with the comment regarding AMC’s
    volume practice. It’s very inconsiderate of AMC to do this to
    viewers and enough to keep many (including myself) to stop watching.

  3. Rose Geurian said on 19-12-2010

    I love the original old Christmas movies.Could you please play a movie:Silent Night Lonely Night; staring Shirley Jones and LLoyd Bridges.Merry Christmas and Thanks for the old original Christmas movies

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