HD Size Matters?

Posted by : support | On : July 7, 2011

I’ve been looking into getting a new TV for the past few weeks. My current unit is a 42 inch Samsung which I purchased before HD was very prevalent. It is still HD, but it is only 720p which is not as good as the now standard 1020p or 1020i formats. I really do not miss the image quality reduction that my 720p offers when watching my HD channels. In fact, I can only tolerate watching HD channels now that I’m used to the image. When a non-hd channel comes on, I find it very hard to watch.

So, I’m wondering what your thoughts are out there. Do you have AMC-HD or are you still watching the lower resolution version? Does it make a big difference to you either way? What size/brand TV is everyone using and does anyone have a recommendation on what my next TV should be – considering I definitely want to upgrade to at least 1020!

My current Samsung, that I mentioned above is of the DLP variety, which do not seem to be as common anymore. It looks like all the good new TVs they are pedaling are either LCD, LED TV or Plasma. What are your thoughts?

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