Posted by : Screamineagle745 | On : August 28, 2010

There are way! to many commercials!
its crazy



Posted by : Screamineagle745 | On : August 12, 2010

I will not watch your channel again



Posted by : deebolt | On : May 18, 2010

I was just trying to enjoy the ending of a great movie you were showing, when I realized how many commercials I was having to watch just to see the ending. Back when you were soliciting watchers for monetary support so you could stay on the air, I was there for you. Now that you have 12 commericals every 10 minutes, I see I am no longer needed for support. So I’ll just say, “Thanks for the memories” and I’ll not be watching anymore…..



Posted by : longhorn31266 | On : April 28, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

What’s up with AMC. When AMC first started out years ago, AMC ran their movies commercial free. Now, AMC runs about fifteen minutes of the movie and forty-five minutes of commercials, one after another. It also seems that AMC’s movie library is VERY limited, they keep running the same old dry as dust movies over and over again, sometimes three or four times a week. Also, AMC’s two new series, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, STINK. I can’t find any entertainment of any kind in those two series at all. I hope AMC isn’t thinking of producing anymore series like those two. No wonder, TCM has got AMC beaten hands down, with no commercials and different movies every day of the month. I have to say, AMC used to be my favorite movie channel, but that’s changed in the past few years. Maybe AMC should send out some kind of survey to it’s viewers to find out what other viewers think. I’m sure this one letter wouldn’t influence AMC at all, but a viewer survey would, one way or another. I very well could be wrong about AMC, but I doubt it. I’m kind of glad that I receive AMC as part of my cable package, because if I had to pay for AMC programming, AMC would starve to death. Thanks for allowing me to have my say. Have a great day!

An ex-viewer



Posted by : bobcline60 | On : April 17, 2010

I’m trying to watch “Mission Impossible” and there is a very distracting ad on the screen for “Breaking Bad“. I do not watch that show and I very much resent the ad. I switched to another channel, due to the ad. Keep the ad….lose viewers. Seems like a no brainer.



Posted by : classicfamily | On : January 1, 2010

We are a family with children who were really looking forward to the 3 Stooges marathon on New Years Eve/Day. Unfortunately, the disgusting, animalistic, bloody commercials (for movies upcoming on your channel) every 10 minutes (or less) make it impossible to share these classics with our kids….You just lost us as viewers….



Posted by : Junebug | On : October 8, 2009

I can understand advertising, but what in the world is the purpose of having those little people pop up in the left hand corner of the current program obscuring the view of the current movie. There is such a thing as adverse advertising – or advertising which turns consumers OFF. I was considering watching Mad men until they started appearing every minute or so, interrupting my movies. I’ve seen enough of them already – pleeeease stop with the little Mad Men and fire whoever thought that up!

Previously Religious AMC Viewer



Posted by : Dj | On : September 20, 2009

I am very very tired of excessive advertising on AMC.  The excessive length of commercial breaks, the “scrunching” of credits of the previous show in order to start the new program or to allow advertising or promos is STUPID.  We, as a people in this country, are SEVERLY over-exposed to commercial advertisin..  It’s almost to the point commercial air-time is longer than programming air-time.  Also, the promos for “BREAKING BAD” are way over used.  I didn’t like the show when it came out on SHOWTIME and it hasn’t gotten any better.  In my oppinion, 4 minutes of advertising per 30 minutes of programming is sufficient.  Also, stop infomercials.  Us night-owls want to watch programming…..not ads!



Posted by : Lovhugs70 | On : May 26, 2009

Why watch your network on Memorial Day when I can watch TCM without commericals, plus yoru network plays the same movies over and over.



Posted by : jrdubbya | On : March 31, 2009

If a person wishes to watch Godfather I on AMC, he has to be exceeding grateful for a TV remote. Only AMC can turn a 150 minute movie into a 240 minute presentation by stuffing lnto that 240 minute time segment 90 minutes of commercials.