American Idol: Greatest TV Reality Show Ever!

Posted by : support | On : June 21, 2011

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

When it comes to television reality shows, many will agree that none can top American Idol. This show has become a legend in American living rooms for lots of reasons. We can tune into the show on satellite TV, that I got after seeing this http://www.direc4u.com, almost anywhere from the airport to the car dealership, because it seems that every TV is tuned into the show when it airs. We get to participate interactively by voting for our favorites when we get down to the top two dozen contestants. Not only that, but the show has become the “it” place to showcase the extreme talent that sometimes otherwise goes unnoticed. The real life stories of some contestants can jerk a tear from a glass eye!

Then, there’s the other side of the coin, which is almost as good. That’s the folks who think they’re talented or know they’re not and just want their few minutes of fame. These people are sometimes amazing in their sheer lack of talent and the fact that they are either brave enough or stupid enough to want the world to see it.

The judges of the show, no matter who they are, add even more fascination to the show as we sometimes get to see some of the interesting facets of their true personalities, not to mention witnessing their star power in a whole new way. No matter why you tune into the show, it is apparent why American Idol is a hit all over the globe.

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